Twenty Dollar Coaching Shots

Twenty Dollar Coaching Shots with Michael Fulmer

Let’s try something different.

Offer: If you’d like to get unstuck about something keeping you awake at night, send me $20 and a single 300-word email that:

  1. Explains your dilemma
  2. States your objective or question

Then kick back and wait.

Your $20 buys you a single “shot” of coaching from yours truly.

(Short and to the point.)

Turnaround time: This “twenty dollar” gig runs on a ASAIGTI timeframe [As Soon As I Get To It!]

Guarantee? Not longer than 48 hours max.

So —

  • If you’re not making progress relationship-wise
  • You want more clarity
  • You’re stuck on a decision
  • You want the 2nd opinion of someone who doesn’t know you or your partner…
  • You don’t know your next step (etc)

This could be just the ticket.

What You Get for $20

You get a direct 1-to-1 reply from Michael Fulmer via email (so don’t worry about combing your hair or wearing a fancy shirt.)

I’ll be brief so you can get on with your life.

$20 isn’t a lot. But the conversations I’m having are life changing.

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Refund Policy: Purchases are non-refundable due to my time being non-refundable.

Offer Ending: When I change my mind…